A Hello from Fan Flabby Dozy

It doesn’t happen very often in my life but yesterday I had a light bulb moment. You know, one of those moments when all of a sudden you realise something has to change, although you aren’t entirely sure how to change it! Well yesterday it happened. And whilst I know I need to change it’s pretty fair to say the thought of it petrifies me!

Basically I’m a beached whale, and my body is starting to show me that I’m one now. It’s protesting about the amount of flab I’m carrying around meaning I’m always tired, always achy and I’m now starting to lose my hair (which was always one of my best features!). So yesterday, when I was sweating away on the hottest day of the year I realised I couldn’t do another summer like this. So….I guess this flabby mummy is going on a diet!

I should put a disclaimer out there right now….

This is quite literally a major deal. I like food, and I mean I like it a lot! I’ve enjoyed every mouthful of becoming the size 24 (probably 26 if I’m totally honest) that I am. I love chocolate, I love takeaways and I love cakes! I think my local Indian might have been kept in business by my custom!

I also like a drink or three! I can quite happily sink a bottle of wine on a Friday night! I am a good girl and don’t drink on a school night! It depresses me that there are so many calories in wine and that something made from grapes can’t be counted as one of my five a day.

So for me to give it all up and go on a diet means major sacrifice. And almost impossible for me to stick to it so I’m going to find a compromise! There has to be one out there and the purpose of this blog is to chart my progress and keep me accountable! If I’m putting it out there on the internet then I need to keep it up! If I’m totally honest I think I’m most likely to try Slimming World but I won’t join until August as I’m going off to Lanzarote for two weeks of All Inclusive over indulgence next month! And I fully intend to enjoy that! I’m going to try and be good until then, maybe trying out some of those quick fixes I seem to read about all the time in the celeb mags at the hairdressers!

I’ll be totally honest. I will admit to the days when I mess up totally and when it feels impossible. But I’ll also post my good days in the hope that it motivates somebody else who is struggling.

In case your interested here’s a little bit about me (although honestly I am just like you!)

I’m a 32 year old woman living in the South West of England. I’m mostly happily married and have an eight year old daughter. We have two cats and a dog. I work as a teaching assistant in a school. I do like to run, and in April I completed the London Marathon (mostly to prove that a fatty can do it too after somebody told me I was too fat to be able to!). My problem is that I go out for a run and think that it means I’ve earned that extra glass of wine or chocolate bar so have never managed to lose weight doing it!

So here we go….wish me luck



Starting Weight: 19 stone 13lbs (How the heck did I manage to get THAT fat?????)


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