Which diet is the right diet?

Who knew that there were so many different diets out there to choose from. A quick google search gave me well over a million hits, and probably as many different diets promising me huge weight losses in no time at all. I am not convinced by their claims, and a lot of them seem unrealistic, and at the very least unsustainable in the long term. I need something that I can keep up for the rest of my life. I need something that suits my family because I’m doing it from them as much as I am doing it for myself.

There seems to be a diet out there for almost every food group. There are ones that limit your intake of certain foods, ones where you only consume liquids or certain foods. There are diets endorsed by celebrities, with before and after pictures of them looking like stick insects. The sceptic in me wonders how much airbrushing the ‘after’ pictures have had? 

Some of the diets seem quite extreme and like a lot of hard work. The juice diet is one of those that I eliminated fairly quickly. Can you imagine how much time I would spend making up juices every day? Plus I think I would be hungry all the time, and surely it can’t be good for you to only consume liquid? I must admit having watched the Joe Cross documentary Imwas impressed with the results but it isn’t for me, or my family. 

As a vegetarian anything that eliminates carbs is out. I would literally never eat! That also rules out the Atkins Diet as well. I think hubby would be quite happy with that one as a confirmed carnivore. Little Miss would quite happily be a vegetarian I think but I give her meat and will let her make her own mind up as she gets older and can make informed choices. She only eats chicken and fish now, as she isn’t keen on the taste of the other meats.

Of the ones that seem vaguely sustainable in the long term I still feel overwhelmed by the choices. The ones that I am seriously considering are the 5:2 diet, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, the NHS Eatwell programme, the Mediterranean diet and going Vegan. Each has their merits and their drawbacks. If I’m totally honest I’m considering a combination of a few of them.

I love Slimming World. I joined it a few years back, when I naively thought a size 14 was fat and wanted to look good in a bridesmaid dress. I lost nearly 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes. Plus I never felt hungry either! The recipes are generally tasty, family friendly and easy to make when I’m stupidly busy. The downside is that it involves going to a group. They seem very meat focussed and even the staple mullerlight yogurts are out for me as they have gelatine in them. But it’s also a night out, and there are hundreds of groups on Facebook to help! Plus it encourages healthy eating and a healthy attitude to food for all of us.

I also like the idea of the Mediterranean diet too. It had loads of tasty recipes, was recently said to be the healthiest in the world and would be easy to follow, but again meat seems to play a significant part in it. I’m also not so sure how likely I am to get hubby and little miss to be part of it. I will probably import parts of it though, especially the healthy fruits and vegetables.

Vegan is another contender, but I know for a fact I would be doing this alone. It’s hard enough getting hubby to accept my vegetarian diet. This will be a step too far from him and he would never allow me to let our daughter follow a vegan diet. But, I am seriously considering it. The lack of dairy will probably help my hormones balance due to no extra hormones being added to my diet from the milk. I already eat practically vegan anyway. It really is just the dairy and eggs. I would probably really miss eggs though. I might see how dairy free works and take it from there. Plus some of our favourite meals are already totally vegan and hubby loves them!

The 5:2 diet intrigues me. I love the idea of being able to eat and drink what I want for 5 days of the week and only having to watch what I eat on two days. I love food. It’s how I ended up Fat! But I’m not good with being hungry so I’m not sure how the two fasting days would be. 500 calories is not a lot! And I can’t limit my daughter to 500 calories either so it isn’t going to really promote the attitude I’m looking for in her. I have downloaded the book to my kindle though so will give it a read and look into it. 

I do think Slimming World is the most likely option though, with me joining a group when we get back from Lanzarote. I would be interested in hearing other people’s thoughts though! 


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