Running the flab away

I’m a size 24 (and a tight one at that). I have a lot of me to haul around. I also love to run. Yes, you did read that right. Have I lost weight running? Actually yes I did to start with and then I started using it as an excuse to eat more junk and drink that extra bottle of wine on a Friday night. It can help you lose weight but I know exercise alone is definitely not the answer.

I run long distances too. In April I completed the London Marathon. That’s 26.2 long, slow and lonely miles. It was hard, harder than having a baby. It was mentally and physically draining. I wanted to give up so many times And I think I would have if it hadn’t been for my amazing husband helping me! He deserves that medal as much as I do! I also feel,that I could have done a whole lot better, so when I’ve lost some weight I fully intend to complete another marathon! We have unfinished business!

Running when you are bigger has a lot of stigma attached to it. It’s hard to find running clothes. Most xl running gear is a 14. Sports companies have obviously assumed that fat girls don’t run. Most of my running stuff is men’s as a result of this. I want pretty running things so I can feel good as I run. It isn’t going to happen for quite a while, although primark do nice stuff and go up to a size 20 so there is a chance. I’ll buy some when I’m at that size.

Secondly, there is a lot of heckling when a fat person runs out in the streets. I’m immune to it now. But I’ve had all sorts of comments. Usually from young boys in their cars, barely old enough to be driving. I’ve come to the conclusion that at least I am doing something, unlike anybody sat in front of the TV! The comments hurt, I’ve come home crying before but they also make me more determined! 

And then there are the other runners. Runners are competitive. All of them seem interested in personal bests (PB’s) and my ones just don’t hit the mark. Some are very judgemental about the fact it takes me 40 mins to do a 5k, or that I can’t run a marathon in 4 hours. I just tell them I’m an endurance athelete instead of a speed one. Soon shuts them up, but the comments hurt. One runner told me I couldn’t be a serious runner because I’m too big to run quickly. His furthest distance was 10k. At that point I was half marathon ready which shut him up as well!

That aside I love running. It really is good for the soul. I can go out in the worst mood ever, feeling like the whole world is against me and I never fail to come back in a good mood, or athe the very least as better one than I left in. I love the time it gives me to myself, to think, to bitch, to moan and to plan. It reminds me that I really can do anything I set my mind too and it gives me focus. When I don’t run I miss it and become quite irritable. My husband actually tells me to go for a run when I’m stroppy now!

Will running help me lose weight now? I hope so because I’ll be watching what I eat too. I’m only doing 20 mins once a week at the moment so I’ll increase the time and distance too. Even if it doesn’t help me lose weight I will be more toned. I have an impressive set of abs hidden under the flab and despite the size of it my bum is pretty impressive! Proper solid! 


One thought on “Running the flab away

  1. Wow – loads of respect for you being able to run a marathon! Go you! Enjoyed reading your posts, good luck with everything! x


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